The Colville And Beyond Trails Group have identified a number of trails for visitors to enjoy.  These trails are free to access and range in difficulty from "easy as" to"she's a big job mate"

To accompany these,  a 'Trails Pack' has been compiled that contains 11 trails. The packs have been illustrated by local artist Rebekah Pearson.  Each card has information about the walk and what makes it unique.  The packs can be purchased at local retail outlets for $15.  

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Come to the northern Coromandel Peninsula,  and travel to places beyond the well trodden tourist path, for a unique experience that will make you feel a world away from your busy life .  You will find places of great natural beauty, see glimpses of a centuries old history, enjoy the peace and tranquility, and experience that 'laid back' lifestyle for which the area has long been famous.  So come, relax, let your hair down, and stay a while, in Colville and Beyond.  



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