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WEDNESDAY 19 JULY 2023 5.30 pm


Patricia and Ian Whimp (Coromandel Diesel and Process Systems); Lynne Fenwick (Coromandel Information Centre); Anne Louden (Coromandel Oyster Company and Subaquatic Services); Allan James (James Drainage); Rob and Jeni Ashman (James & Turner (2022) and Coromandel Fish, Dive & Hunt);  Kim Radick (Richardson Real Estate); Liam Atkins (Select Solutions); Aaron McFarlane (Shelly Beach Top 10 and Anglers Lodge); Colin Caldwell (Colville Saleyards); Kate James (Driving Creek); Peter James, John Ryan (James Marine); Karl Bishop and Elaine Bishop (Copperworkx and The Natural Alternative); Jo Scott (Coromandel Accounting Ltd); Ben Welsh (Harcourts); Geoff Horton (CAS); Jim Dicks (Bowling Club); Glenn Wells (Harcourts);  Abby Morgan (CAS, Keltic Fair, Seafood Festival); Jocelyn James (Harbourview, Keltic Fair, Seafood Festival); Tom Meyers (Coromandel Fishing Charters); Jeff Howarth and Chinmei Wang (Waterworks); Maria Woods (Coromandel Fishing Adventures); Michael Moy (North Island Mussels Ltd), Lynne Fenwick (Coromandel Information Centre).



Julie Pijfers (Julie Pijfers Jeweller); Gilbert James (Gold Ridge Marine Farm); Pamela Grealey and Bob Drummond (Kami); Belinda Piacun (Star Gallery).


PRESENTATION: Simon Graney from Outward Bound, Strategy and Innovation Director.  Summary of his presentation follows the Minutes.








  1. Provide Information Centre with event information update (ONGOING ACTION)

  2. Light up Main Street. (ONGOING THROUGH JULY).



  1. Nomination of one committee member after retirement of Sallie Budden.

Aaron McFarlane nominated by Ian Whimp, seconded Kate James




DISCUSSION:  Abby Morgan and Jocelyn James presented on the Keltic Fair, Seafood Fest and Illume.


Keltic Fair always 2nd January.  In 33 years cancelled once.  16,000 people visit 250 stalls.  Money earned from gate and stall fees comes back to school and community.  Coromandel Education Advancement Trust (CEDACT) is the entity with Jocelyn in charge of production, Abby, the Area School side of things.  Other Trust members are Thomas Everitt, Brian McLeod, Tiana Morrissey, Julie Smith, Jill Ellis and Doug Rouse.


Jocelyn looking for ideas to promote Coromandel better.  Sites starting to sell October.  Coromandel businesses could get a spot for $50 for a 3x3 site or $150 3x3 for outsiders.  CCBA could have a site promoting Coromandel Town. Jocelyn proposed a site for this of 40m long x 10m wide. This site is suitable for a setup of 3x3 marquees with three across, then a gap before three more, etc etc, to fill up the 40 metre length. Site less suitable for a bigger marquee.


Local marquee options revealed a few available, Spirit of Coromandel, CAS and Rugby Club have them although in high demand then.  In January business staff can’t be spared to run stalls.   Could consider options to run the site with static displays and minimal “overseers” on site for inquiries, security etc.


Kate James suggested the Keltic Fair needs to be environmentally friendly.  Need a recycling  focus to reduce waste.  Need to look at ways to encourage people to recycle, monitoring of recycling bins etc.  Suggested they contact Seagull Centre for new initiatives. 


Seafood Festival.  Considering running it again.  Awaiting sign over from Gail London, possibly to CEDACT. Prefer May as six months away from Keltic Festival. 


Seafood Festival site placement more informal.  Adventure race no longer part of it with Keith’s passing.


Discussed dates, possibly change to 2nd weekend of May (Mothers Day). Currently clashing with duck shooting.  Peter James - May not a good time for mussels as they can drop in size by 25%.  Other months were discussed.  Spawning in July and February.  June they are ok, April might be another option.  This year was tricky due to rain so mussels are much fatter than normal.  Oysters are harvested all year round.   Marlborough get attendance of 20,000 for their March mussel festival.  Attendees discussed the idea of making the festival wider than just catering for seafood.


Peter James and John Ryan offered to share their knowledge with Jocelyn for static displays and fishing rules around farms.


Illume – Shops could put up lights in windows, cafes to operate street stalls. Possibly tie this around Matariki.  Whitianga Matariki was good, with tables spread throughout town.  Consider shutting off the main street.


Actions:- Need to decide before October if we want a CCBA space.  Jos will hold decisions till October.


Actions: Seafood Festival need to decide a date for next year and may include other local food not just seafood.  Still needs a handover, discussion in progress.  Update from Jocelyn/Abby at future meeting (tba)




RFP $75K approved from TCDC and MBIE for recovery funding. Our CCBA initiatives approved.

  • $11k Recruitment hub; ward business and member database

  • $10K Workshops by Sector: Adapting to Change and Financial and other Business Advice: One to One Mentoring and Support

  • $4.5K Business Breakfasts/After Five/Networking opportunities

  • $9K Seed funding

  • $17.5k Santa Parade and Market, December 2023

  • $5k Keltic Fair, January 2024

  • $10k New event, NZMCA caravanners weekend March 2024


Many thanks were expressed from the floor for work done by Jeni and Jo in completing the application.



Recent meeting in Thames attended by Jeni included Minister Sepuloni, MSD, TCDC and representatives from the other peninsula business associations.  Major concern was expressed around roads, DOC closures particularly Cathedral Cove not being opened, which has now had its third Geotech report.  Announced $200K to Destination Hauraki-Coromandel for promotion to get the message out that we are not closed. 



23 responses so far, range of businesses. Short on a few areas e.g. tradies.  Challenges quite evenly spread but top three were finding staff, creating new ideas, impact of loss of ferry/public transport.

Preference to deliver support online was overwhelming with business networking and social events next.  As a business association expectations were for CCBA to be a central point for communications, networking and support.  Survey participants see a role for us to promote town and a voice to TCDC.  70% keen to join, 30% said no due to time pressures, new to business, needing more information.



Officially incorporated.  IRD Number obtained and we have bank account number.  Membership fees set for this year at $100 including GST.  Businesses need to think about being involved, support the voice.   Members to approach others and get support and money paid in.



  1. Support for careers events (email follows).

  2. Ocean Flyer Invite Thursday 20th 5 – 8 pm

  3. Destination Coromandel Events Fund contact


NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY 17TH AUGUST 2023 (5.30pm, Gilbert James; processes and costs involved in bringing a ferry service to Coromandel)

Meeting Closed 7.10pm.



General feedback about the Outward Bound experience is “it was awesome”.  There are 40- plus “loose” Outward Bound confederations around the world. The goal is for participants to become the best person they can be in terms of professional development and personal development. Main target group are 18-26 year olds currently on a three week course. 40% of them in the last year of school. Masters courses are for 26+year olds. 50% of participants are paid for by scholarship with the other 50% self-paying.


Current base is Anakiwa in the Queen Charlotte Sounds.  Decision made by the Board to come closer to where the people are, ideally three hours away from Auckland.  No suitable site has been found yet as Trust has several important requirements.  Prospective sites with existing infrastructure are being considered along with those that may need developing.  The Trust has a very large budget for a good-sized block of land.  A combined bush and sea location is important along with separation from neighbours.  The sheltered sea area around Coromandel Town with islands and harbour fit well with this goal.  East coast not being targeted as less sheltered.  Would consider bush block with a drive to the sea.  Options open to travelling here by sea from Auckland as Anakiwi starts with a boat trip from Picton. 


Aim to start with a capacity of 40 participants but grow to 80.  May look to run shorter courses, possibly not the three week existing structure.


Locally there was opposition to a recent Sale and Purchase Agreement as it was rumoured that OB was working with juvenile offenders, they don’t. They exclude those with criminal records and/or psychological issues.


Staff instructors will live on site. Hours 6am to 6pm or even later when camping out. Tend to work over an intense block of days totalling 200 throughout the year with 165 off. Looking to change this model to a more sustainable one as instructors after three years can get burnt out. Some employment opportunities would arise for Coromandel for cleaning, cooking, maintenance type roles.  Might need to go wider for qualified instructors.  Could look at training them.  School students are not really an option for them.  They need to have completed Outdoor Leadership courses and undergo Hillary training. It would be a big journey for school leavers.  Youngest instructor they have had was 20, the oldest 60.


Sunset clause – while the Board is patient the funders are less so.  Tucks Bay is being considered but it would need to be a leasehold arrangement which is not ideal as it restricts capital investment.  New build development could take a long time dealing with the resource consent process.


Still have options they are working through.  Two on the go.  Keen to work closer with iwi.

Other employment opportunities for Coromandel could be local construction firms, earthmoving, catering and maintenance, contracted or employed.  Accommodation issues in Coromandel may cause some difficulties.  Simon will be around for a few more weeks.  He is open to contact around prospective properties.  His email is



Date: 10/07/2023 11:02

NZST Subject: Support for local careers events in your towns - August and February

Kia ora Koutou, previously, an annual jobs and careers event for Rangitahi was held in Thames, but with the challenges our communities have been through over the last six months we think that it’s important to bring a careers road show into each of our Communities around the peninsula to give more young people access to jobs and careers information. To make this happen, Council is working with the Connected team Connected – Employment, Education and Training, Te Huarahi, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development We start with a mini Roadshow – 28 August to 1st September 2023 Monday - Whangamata Tuesday - Tairua Wednesday - Whitianga Thursday - Coromandel Friday - Thames And a second larger roadshow between the 18th - 23rd February 2024 with the Inzone interactive bus. Each event will be hosted at the school, and is open to students and whanau. (Tairua venue TBC) We’d like the support of each local business association to Promote the event through your regular channels and seek the support of local businesses to donate items for promoting the event to young people. Promote the opportunity for businesses to take part in the event in their town to share information about careers in their industry. Support the event to be tailored to the local needs of each community. If you can help make the careers event a success for the young people in your town then please contact our Community Partnerships Coordinator Helen Flynn to discuss.

Kind regards Mitch King Economic Development Lead 027 227 5743 Thames-Coromandel District Council Private Bag, 515 Mackay Street, Thames. p: 07 868 0200 f: 07 868 0234 e: w:


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